Produced more than 35 GWh of green energy

EMEL energy Inc has been long following developments and trends in the field of electricity storage technologies. New to the market is a battery that employs sodium-ion technology.

- The battery will be produced from two elements commonly found in nature (sodium and carbon anode).

- The price level of the new type of battery is expected to be 25-35 euros per 1 kWh. Current battery prices, using current technologies such as lithium-ion, average around € 117 per kWh.

- The energy density rate of the first generation of this battery will reach 160 Wh / kg. Subsequent generations should even exceed 200 Wh / kg.

- This battery can be charged to 80% in as little as 15 minutes. The decrease in its capacity in freezing weather is significantly smaller than with current batteries.

- Existing production lines will be able to remain virtually unchanged. This is why a fast transition to new technologies is expected.