Produced more than 35 GWh of green energy

EMEL energy Inc. is the subsidiary of the company EMEL Bratislava Ltd., with registered office in the Czech Republic. Since 2008 the company focuses its activities on the energy sector and especially on renewable energy. In particular, solar energy is an area where the company has many years of experience as an investor and subsequently as an operator. The philosophy of the comprehensive approach in seeking appropriate solutions - from the detailed analysis of the initial context, through the search for an appropriate technical and economic solution, to the subsequent optimization of the operation of implemented project, contributing to the effective production of electricity,  has given the company an advantage. This advantage is the ability to offer this global vision in the projects of energy systems designed to the specific needs and thus guarantee the desired result to the client.

Two years ago (2013), the company expanded its business field to the sector of energy storage. Access to batteries that are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, enables it to provide comprehensive solutions for energy projects.